Locksmith services

The key is a symbol of that in our hands we hold the answers to many questions. The decision, the choice, the action, the code to another closed door. Furthermore, by keys we guard our treasures. A trivial item with so many meanings.

All types of keys cut- cylinder, dimple, mortice, safe

Emergency door openings of cars, home and business

Duplicated RFID chips and cards for access control doors, intercom systems, elevator access control

Duplication of chipped (transponder) car keys

Synchronizing and adapting remote key fobs

Batteries replacement and auto remote controls repairs

Replacemen, recoding, repair and installation of locks

Master Key Systems building

Sales, repair, and installation of cylinders and locks

Replacement of lost keys by the lock cylinder code

Transcoding of locks

Deleting old keys from the immobilizer's memory

Replacement of defective ignition lock terminals

Replacing remote fobs buttons

Car antennas replacement